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Our business is centered around, creating custom furniture uniquely designed for you and manufactured to a high quality. All the wood furniture we offer is made-to-order, which means our craftsmen don’t start building until they know what you’ve requested. This enables us to truly build one-of-a-kind pieces that will last a lifetime. 

Global with a Local Touch

See how we transformed this office by curating a perfect selection of furniture adding warmth by using wooden Accents 

Pernord Ricard x Tira Studio -61.jpg

Into the Skyline

The brief was simple serviced apartments but make it feel like home.

Brands & Designers


Honoring Tradition, Innovating for the Future




Since 2017, Tira Studio has been redefining the Kenyan furniture industry with our commitment to timeless, minimalistic design and sustainable practices. Founded by a visionary interior designer, we transform clients' unique ideas into handcrafted furniture that merges aesthetic appeal with functionality. Using ethically sourced wood and traditional craftsmanship, each piece we create tells a story of quality and integrity. Our mission is to make high-quality design accessible to all, reflecting personal styles and standing the test of time. 



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