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TIRA Studio is your go-to place for well-designed, practical & reasonably priced furniture. Our goal is to grow the artisan industry through good design. Our pieces are modern and timeless reflecting a natural aesthetic.

Tira Studio aims at becoming an industry leader in sustainable furniture manufacturing. The objective is to intertwine function and design while being socially responsible. Tira Studio envisions interiors that are not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also maintain balance with the natural environment and its resources.

We believe that the materials matter and seek to be environmental stewards by only using sustainably sourced wood and recycled steel in our production. We use design to ensure that our products offer maximum functionality, comfort, and ease of use and that they are also durable so that they do need to be replaced quickly.

We powder coat most of our metal to give them a longer life and reduce the need to be refinished over time.

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